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Glutimax FAQ'S

1. How fast should I start to notice results and are the results permanent?

You should start to notice results within just 8 weeks! The results are to be permanent for everyone. Many have had much more success with keeping results permanent if used for 12+ weeks rather than just 4-8. If your body does not respond right away, please be patient. Some people's response rate may vary just as it may with any prescription medications, herbal supplement programs, etc.. Using Glutimax for longer than 12 weeks is encouraged for maximum results. Simply stop using the program once you’ve achieved your desired results.

2. Does Glutimax work for men too?

Yes of course. Glutimax works by using an all natural herbal formulation to stimulate new growth in the cells of muscle and tissue in the buttocks area for men and women.

3. How often is the buttocks enhancement cream applied?

SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING. Massage a small amount of Glutimax at least 1-2 times daily (morning and evening). Do not use for 1 hour prior to bathing (best if used after bathing). The cream can be used more than twice daily for faster and more dramatic results. We encourage at least 8 weeks of regular use to achieve noticeable results. For maximum results we encourage using the suggested 6 month program.

4. Is Glutimax buttocks enhancement cream safe?

Yes! This is a safe and all natural topical solution with natural ingredients that do not irritate the skin.

5. How much will my buttocks grow?

Many customers using Glutimax report increases in size of up to 25% or more.

6. Where is Glutimax made?

Glutimax is manufactured in an FDA approved lab under strict FDA guidelines in the USA.

7. Do I need a prescription for Glutimax?

No. Because Glutimax is an all-natural topical supplement buttocks enhancement cream, there is no need for a prescription.

8. Is Glutimax available in a tablet, capsule or pill?

No, only a cream. We state with confidence that no pill/capsule can come close to what Glutimax buttocks enhancement cream does! Glutimax is applied directly to the affected area(s) to deliver fast and dramatic results. There is no pill or capsule that could do the same.

9. Will my order be discreetly shipped?

Yes! All orders are shipped in plain and discreet packaging for your privacy. Orders arrive via USPS priority/express mail with delivery and/or signature confirmation. USA residents please allow 5-7 business days for delivery! International orders please allow additional shipping time. We will ship to APO/FPO addresses.

10. I don't have a credit card! How can I order?

You can mail a check or money order to us here. If you would like to send a bank wire transfer, please email us for our banking details.




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